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Quality Policy constitutes one of the basic pillars of the growth strategy and continuous development of METALMAR business defined by management of the company. The points that define this policy are the folowing ones:

As an industrial supplier, METALMAR has to constantly try to keep the satisfaction of all its customers, this is the key to ensure present and future competitiveness of the company. For this reason, Quality, in the broadest meaning, ranks first among the priorities of the management of the company.

Compliance with the specifications, technical and service for products is the basis of the quality assurance you have to offer our customers. Therefore, the established systems of work and documentation of work that will be generated as a starting point and final approach compliance with the specifications agreed with customers, legal and regulatory applied to the product and the own organization continually improving the effectiveness of quality management system, establishing and continually reviewing quality objectives.

We must avoid any failures before they occur. For this are planned and documented work systems strengthening continuous training of staff and their responsibility for the tasks performed.

As a basis for growth and profitability of the main points of support directly linked to the quality of the process is the respect for the environment and optimization of resources within the industrial and business activity. Through quality and compliance with specifications we develop trust and cooperation with our customers and with our suppliers. This will mean major improvements in the productivity of common business, clearly impacting the benefit of all and achieving the objective of growth and increased profitability to be the horizon of all members of the organization.

Investment is a maximum within the Metalmar project, only by being technologically at the forefront can you lead an increasingly competitive sector.