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There are many types of welding depending on use, materials and welding conditions used. In our welding processes we use the following:

It is the method by which we join two metal parts in contact to conduct current steps at very high intensity, which causes small metal spikes are melted and welded rendering them both pieces. This type of welding does not carry any material contribution to the process.

This type of welding is used especially in processes requiring high quality finish and materials such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, etc. During the process, it must protect the welding atmosphere with inert gases such as helium, argon or a mixture of both. The contribution of material is not necessary if the job does not require it the welding process produces little smoke and staff must have a high readiness to take a proven product quality soldier.

Similar to the resistance welding but with less energy requirements and a very short discharge cycle is used primarily when we want to include a bolt, nail ... to a plate by the unseen side so the face side will have at any time no holes, marks ... It is especially suitable for thin sheets.

Is the most appropriate type of industrial manufacturing welding given the balance of costs, different types of shielding gases are used depending on the materials to be welded, filler wire used and MIG welding method chosen. The MIG is one of the types of welding that has evolved in recent years and that more automation systems are using to cut costs, along with these automation systems are linked different control solutions and quality assurance, such as followers together during the welding process, machine vision systems, etc.

Apart from the types and methods of welding a basic point is the inspection and testing of welded products. These tests can be destructive or non-destructive for the effectiveness or potential defects in welds control and quality management in this process is very important for offering high level customer.