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It is the mechanical operation that, using different elements or tools, cuts or shapes are available in a sheet of the selected material. The latter may be ferric, non-ferrous or may even be different types of plastic, cardboard, etc.

With the necessary tools and new methods of control software, new punching can do multiple operations that include threaded, folded, stampings brand label application, etc. Other new systems for punching systems are grooving tools for reinforcements, hinges and other metal cabinets.

Furthermore, it is well on the materials that the tools and thermal and chemical treatments punches and dies are made, which enhances durability thereof as a better finish in the manufactured parts.

Another evolution of this technology is undoubtedly the versatility of Needs work supported by powerful CAD / CAM design and management assistance manufacturing plant, the quick change tooling can change any work in few minutes later load programs located on servers via network communications.