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Folding is an industrial process whereby a vertical or horizontal applying force against a matrix material and being pushed by a punch material deforms adapting the shape and angle.  Regarding the bending machines there are two standard types, Hydraulic brakes and electric brakes, the former can reach very high tonnage equal tonnage and are cheaper than electric whose main characteristic is the speed of the process. Two types of vertical folding operations:

He is a regular bending in which the punch pushes the material against the array by copying the angle of the latter, we must consider material recovery by removing the pressure of the punch.

It is a bending needs a bender numerical control technology more evolved that bender controls with depth bending, bending power is relatively small. Whatever type of selected fold, you must take into account both the material, thickness, direction of fibers of the material, heat treatments applied ... but a fundamental part if possible is to have good tools folding and always use the tools right for the angle and desired thickness.